Autograph: Controlling the polar grid

In “Edit Axes” => “Options” you can control the grid sub-divisions as fractions of π/4.  This works well normally, but if you want something special, eg grids of π/6, a good way to do this is to plot the line θ = nπ/6, and then use the constant controller ‘options’ to set up a family of lines.

Here I have drawn a family for ‘n’ = 0 to 6 in steps of 1. Note that Autograph conventionally draw’s negative ‘r’ with a dashed line, so under ‘Draw Options’ in the equation entry dialogue, set the drawing to ‘Dashed’ and then get what I have shown here.

Download this Autograph file (.agg)
Download Logarithmic Spiral file (Nautilus Shell) (.agg) [open constant controller]

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