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Autograph: (1.2, 3.4) or (1,2; 3,4) ?

Many countries, eg England, use Decimal  = ‘.‘ and List Separator = ‘,‘  ie (1.2, 3.4)
Others, eg France, use Decimal = ‘,‘ and List Separator = ‘;‘  ie (1,2; 3,4)

The computer must use the same for ALL applications so that, for example, both Excel and Autograph are expecting the same convention.  Additionally Autograph uses the List Separator to enter Parametric Equations, eg x = sint, y = cost.

Apple and Windows computers treat this topic a little differently.
Download this Word doc that summarises the situation:

Decimal Symbol and List Separator

Decimal Symbol and List Separator


Autograph: How to add screenshots to TARSIA activities

Alan Catley has sent in this page of instructions,

how to take a screenshot from Autograph
and add it into a TARSIA jigsaw activity


The Exmouth Hexagons

If you launch Google Earth (or the web equivalent Flash Earth), and zoom in on the Exmouth Peninsula in Western Australia, some large hexagons will come into view.

Put “Exmouth Hexagons” into Google to find out what these are all about [eg this page].


If you have the free ‘Jing‘ application installed, you can (using the ‘capture image’ option rather than ‘capture video’) copy an image of the hexagons and paste into Autograph.

In Autograph, using equal aspect, and no axes, place 6 points to create the main hexagon and ‘group to shape’. How would you transform this to create the ‘inner’ hexagon?

Watch this YouTube video to explore the possibilities!

Download the Autograph file (.agg)

Link to an online activity using the Autograph Player!